Campaign for the Next Generation – The Full Story

Our vision: To offer exceptional curling and social opportunities in a high-quality facility.

Our goal: To raise $1 million to fund capital improvements and a capital reserve for the next generation of curlers.

Second City Curling is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established in 2015 to grow the sport of curling, primarily through youth engagement. Located in Northbrook, Illinois, it is home to one of the finest curling facilities of its size, with four sheets, locker rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, and a large social area. Second City Curling’s focus is to attract more people to curling through its juniors program while incorporating Learn2Curl and corporate team building programs. Our facility hosts the American Curling History Museum. We are poised to continue growing the curling community — but our facility is aging and in need of significant upgrades.


Curling at our Northbrook facility was initiated by the Chicago Curling Club founded in 1948. Its first president was Hughston McBain, Chairman of Marshall Field & Co.

Second City Curling provides the facility for Chicago Curling Club’s 300+ members. For six months of the year, multiple leagues and bonspiels are run. In 2010, our facility hosted the United States Curling Association Mixed Nationals and, in 2019, hosted the United States Women’s Curling Association National Bonspiel.

Current Programs

Juniors: Supporting the growth in youth curling, Second City Curling partners with schools, park districts, and other youth-oriented groups to teach the sport of curling. It also runs the Chicago Junior Curling League.

Learn2Curls: Learn2Curl clinics are offered on a regular basis throughout the year. These two-hour on-ice clinics introduce participants to the basics of the game along with playing a mini-game. Through Learn2Curls, Second City Curling can reach thousands of Chicago area residents with an introduction to curling. In 2017-2018 alone, 438 people were introduced to curling.

Corporate Events: Similar to Learn2Curls, Second City Curling offers two-hour sessions to corporations and private parties to experience curling. The goal is to annually conduct 30 corporate events for companies throughout the Chicago area providing excellent team building opportunities.

Hosting Recreational Leagues & Bonspiels: Providing an outstanding facility for recreational leagues and bonspiels is central to our efforts. Chicago Curling Club utilizes our facility for league play; multiple entities use our facility to host bonspiels through the year, including teams from across the U.S. and Canada.

Growth of Curling

When curling became an official Olympic sport in 1998, a new generation of Americans discovered curling. It is becoming the most watched winter Olympic sport and each Olympic year brings a significant influx of new people to the sport.

In 2018, the U.S. Men’s Olympic Curling Team won the Gold medal bringing more attention to the sport and growing local interest.

Investing in our Facility

In the past 20 years, $727,000 was spent in capital improvements. $321,000 of this spend occurred in the past 3 years (44% of the total). Improvements include:

  • Ice floor mats ($105,000)
  • Club house roof ($98,000)
  • Ice house roof ($118,000)

This investment accelerated expenditures and depleted capital reserves.

The Challenge: We Need Ice

What:  A new ice cooling system, refurbish the compressor room, and install an additional dehumidification system.


  • Current system was installed in 1968; reached end of useful life
  • Freon is being phased out and will no longer be available in two years
  • Need 60-80 ton unit; currently have 40 ton unit
  • Energy efficient system to reduce utility costs

Cost: $450,000

Now’s the time

Chicago are curlers love our facility.

Bonspiel-ers love our facility.

The next generation deserves a quality curling facility.

It is time to invest in facility improvements for a strong future.

The Solution

Raise $1,000,000 to fund capital improvements and a capital reserve for the next generation of curlers.

Capital Budget

The capital budget required to keep our facility functioning well and in good condition is presented below. This budget is derived from estimates received from vendors and individuals familiar with construction.

Capital Item Cost
Ice Cooling System $300,000
Refurbish Compressor Room $75,000
Dehumidification System $75,000
Parking Lot $150,000
Warm Room Air Conditioning $50,000
Subtotal Capital $650,000
Furniture & Fixtures; Updated Warm Room $168,000
Total Capital $818,000
Capital Fund for Future Replacements $250,000
Total To Raise $1,068,000


The funding goals are intended to raise $1,000,000 in order minimize the use of interest-bearing debt.

Chicago curling community $450,000
Larger curling community, general public, and grants $350,000
Corporate support $100,000
World Curling Federation Loan (0% interest; 10-year loan) $100,000
Total $1,000,000

Individual donations

All donors will be recognized and will have the option of selecting a benefit from a lower level than the dollar amount they agreed to donate.

Level & Benefit Donation Amount
You’re keen!
Named on our individual donor page on campaign website
Good Curling
Donor pin & named on our individual donor page on campaign website
Name inscribed on bar front
Ice, Ice, Baby
Name inscribed in the ice (for two years)
You Rock
Name inscribed on curling stone
Hogged it!
Hog line sponsorship (for two years)
Full team entry into Windy City Bonspiel plus recognition in all bonspiel programs (for two years)
Scoreboard sponsorship (for two years)
Top Chef
Kitchen or dining room sponsorship (for ten years)
On the rocks!
Name the bar (for ten years)
Ice house
Name the ice house (for ten years)
Name the warm room (for ten years)
Parking lot
Reserved parking space (for ten years)
Name the Club
Customized recognition package developed with donor

Join us

Every curler’s help is needed.

Every Chicago curler has a role to play.

Thank you.